Automatic packing machine for bulk products in “sachet” bags 081.87.01

Automatic packing machine for bulk products in “sachet” bags 081.87.01
For packing free-flowing products in “sachet” bags.


The machine is designed for filling and packing of free-flowing goods, such as coffee, cocoa, cereals, etc., in sachets. The size of the package and the weight of the product packed into it vary and are set in the control settings depending on the needs of the production.

The built-in seal, improved heat seal structure, intelligent temperature control and excellent heat balance make it possible to use different types of packing materials. They can be laminated films like OPP / CPP, OPP / CE, MST / PE / PET / PE. Bag making, filling, capping, cutting, counting, heat pressing of the consignment number is carried out automatically.

The packing speed and bag length can be changed without further adjustment and replacement of parts, and the installed weighing device allows you to change the packing volume at any time, thereby controlling productivity. Highly sensitive photoelectric mark tracking and digital input of the cutting position ensure greater precision in cutting the film.

The bag making equipment can be changed according to the specific requirements of customers and products.

As additional devices for this machine we can offer: air filling device, perforating device, bag packing device, printer